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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Haiku of Horses

the sound of spring rain
washes over
the mute warmth of my horse

My soul was fed today.

The sound of steady rain on the stable roof, the occasional bump of the other horses in their stalls, the scrape of the comb across Drifter's coat.

The scent of hay and horse manure and dust and the wet green world outside.

The chilly air contrasting with the warmth of my horse's body.

The steady rhythm of brushing, combing, scratching, stroking, soothing.

From time to time, when his itchy belly made him uncomfortable, I sang lullabys to Drifter to calm him.

I knew peace today. I lived within a haiku of horses, of rain, of caring for another being with my hands. My soul is full and resting.


  1. Mmm... lovely. You're so lucky to have horses. I've been riding for over 15 years now, but no longer own one. Luckily a lovely couple at a local stable lets me come ride as much as I like. Once you have horses, your life can never be the same without them. There's a certain part of the heart that only a horse can fill.

    1. I must confess, this is not my own personal horse. I lease him from a local stable and I'll be having lessons with him this summer. He FEELS like my horse, though, and on Thursdays, at any rate, he's as good as mine. I'm new to horses, but really really happy with what they've brought to my life already. I know this old fellow is going to teach me so much and not just about riding! I'm glad you still have access to horses even though you no longer own one of your own.