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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Mouse That Roared, By Mouse

Mouse recently read Leonard Wibberley's comic novella "The Mouse That Roared" and was quite miffed by the total absence of mice--roaring or otherwise--in the story. He decided to write his own version, which he posted on Twitter over the weekend. Here's the complete version in standard prose form for those who missed it!

Once upon a time there was a little wooden mouse that was unable to utter so much as a squeak. The mouse was very observant and noticed the smallest details. Although he could not speak, he used photos to show others what he saw. But then the mouse appeared in fewer and fewer photos and it made him sad because he’d lost his way of communicating with the world.

One day, the mouse met another little mouse. The other mouse, named Meece, was made of chocolate and also could not speak. Although neither mouse could utter so much as a squeak, they understood each other perfectly and became the very best of friends.

One day, a person saw the mouse and his friend. "How cute!" she said looking at the mouse. ‘How delicious!’ she said looking at Meece. And then she picked up Meece and started to put the little chocolate mouse in her mouth!

"No! Stop!" the mouse wanted to cry. But he couldn’t utter so much as a squeak. He watched with horror as Meece entered the gaping maw. The mouse felt a terrible agony welling up inside. He felt sure he would burst with the pain. And then he let out a tremendous roar!

The roar rattled the windows and caused all the neighborhood dogs to bark. It scared the person so much she dropped Meece and ran! 

Meece was safe! The mouse, which had been also been startled by his own roar, rocked with silent laughter. Meece silently laughed, too. Meece couldn’t utter so much as a squeak in thanks, but the mouse didn’t need to hear the words to know Meece was grateful.

The mouse never made another sound other than that mighty roar, but then again, he never needed to. No one ever tried to eat Meece again. And so the little wooden mouse and the little chocolate mouse lived happily--if silently--ever after! 

The End.

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