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Monday, May 7, 2012

100th Blog Post: Recent Creativity in Review

I realized, when I looked at my blog over the weekend, that one) I hadn't posted much about photography lately and two) that my next post would be my 100th! I have a larger health-related blog post waiting in the wings, but I thought I'd devote my 100th post to photography.

First off, I haven't done an overview of recent listings since mid-March, and while I'm very behind in getting photos listed in my store, with more than a dozen listings in draft form just waiting for my brain to get into listing-writing mode, I have managed to put up these seven listings.

8x10 Parrot Tulip

8x10 Purple and White Crocuses

8x10 Bleeding Hearts

9x12 Pink Plum Blossoms

9x12 Cherry Blossoms

Games 5x7 Trio

5x7 Pear Trio

For more than a month now, for one reason or another, I've been feeling more under the weather than I usually do, so I haven't been as active with taking pictures as I sometimes am, but I've still been able to take my camera on a number of walks and captured some of the spring flowers. I'm nervous that I'm going to miss the lilacs and the pink dogwoods this year because between rain and migraines, I haven't had an opportunity to get out there, but hopefully I'll somehow be able to pull it off before they're gone! I have managed to get some photos of tulips, magnolias, cherries, and other pretty blooming things that you can check out in the albums below.

Click here to see more photos of tulips, daffodils, and crocuses.

Click here to see more photos of bleeding hearts.

Click here to see more photos of blooming trees and other spring delights!

I hope that my current state of fatigue, migraines, and cognitive slowness abates very soon and that I'll have lots more great creative and photographic things to put in my stores, on Facebook, and in this blog as summer approaches!


  1. So very lovely! I ordered a macro lens and it should be in this week! You've inspired me and reaffirmed that I made the right decision in making the investment in a macro lens!

  2. Lovely shots and congrats on the 100th :) T.