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Friday, September 16, 2011

This Week's New Listings!

I put up four new listings yesterday, three of them taken with the new camera! Sometimes the inspiration for a particular listing strikes and you go with it. I've also put up a more fall-colored banner and selection of featured images on the front page of the macro store. If it seems like I've been neglecting the mouse store a bit, well, you're right, but I have a limited amount of energy and I want to have a fully stocked macro store sooner rather than later!

My order of cards arrived today, so hopefully in the next few days I will be feeling well enough to start putting those up. I also need to get my Christmas cards listed, not because anyone is going to buy them right now, but apparently it tis the season to be noticed by blogs and whatnot that will soon enough be featuring interesting Christmas items. Tonight, however, I am still woozy from a medication complication (the pharmacy gave me a generic that I don't tolerate well) and having done my shop publicity for the day, I will once again resume a prone position.

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