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Monday, August 15, 2011

New Listings

A few days ago, right around five in the morning, the part of my brain that writes the descriptions for my Etsy store listings lurched to life after several months of silence. The brain is a rather mysterious thing, so while I was suddenly able to write clever little product descriptions, at the same time I was having a great deal of difficulty doing other tasks with language such as speaking coherently. However, since it HAS been so many months and I have quite a backlog of items that I'd like to list, I've been making the most of it. I've put up enough new items that I thought a blog post might be the best way to showcase them.

The last one is a listing that I have reactivated ahead of the approaching change in seasons (I had a number of summer ones I missed getting up because of the migraines and concussion, which is a pity, since Etsy is very seasonally inclined), but all the others were written over the last few days. It would be simpler, of course, not to do the clever writing and just post the images and ordering information, but I hope that the descriptions add to the charm of the photos and give my entire store a certain vibe that hopefully makes people feel good about buying! If the listing brain continues to work, there may be more to come, but here's a fresh taste of Mouse after a long hiatus.

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