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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Few Things I've Been Up To

For the last few days I've actually been being good about doing the thing that I find the hardest: being quiet! The weather has been very nice, so I've spent a great deal of time on the back deck, eating popsicles, lying on the bench looking up through the fuchsia at the blue sky, and hanging out with the dog.

Abbey in her favorite outdoor afternoon sun spot.
Sooner or later, though, I was bound to get sucked back into doing stuff, and yesterday I decided, after two and a half months of making nary an Etsy treasury, to jump back in the game. The result was this treasury in deep fall tones. It takes a great deal of concentration for me to compile a treasury and it really was a bit of a stretch to spend so much time staring at the computer screen. Therefore, after vowing not to, I immediately sat down today, despite still having migraines from yesterday's exertions, and made another one. It's just so much fun, as well as a business strategy: it's a way of getting your name out there. The Autumn Spice treasury is my first for my new macro shop, as opposed to my mouse shop.

I hope to write a major post-concussion update one of these next few days (it's been almost eight weeks!), but it may take a while to accumulate the necessary stamina to do so.

In the meantime, check this out: Yes, I've had the Facebook page for quite a while now, but just today I figured out how to have a nice tidy username instead of a horrible long url! You are most welcome to admire it.

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