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Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet Mouse

This is Mouse.

Born in the Philippines and intended for life as a bookmark, Mouse was instead purchased as a souvenir and given to my seven year-old self, launching his career as a plaything, totem, model, and muse. He is infamous for spending the night on the roof of a neighboring house after I swung him a bit too vigorously by the tail when I was a kid and is famous--at least relatively speaking--for lending his image to my photography. What began as an idle afternoon's entertainment back in 2007 has grown into a collection of more than 5,700 photographs, an online store, and a future in children's books. I use him to draw the viewer's attention to the amazing details that make up the ordinary world all around us. It always surprises people when they meet him in person for the first time to see exactly how tiny he is! Lately, I've been focusing a bit more on non-Mouse macro photography, but fear not, he is not being neglected in the least! I hope to start taking photographs with him for an alphabet book within the next week or two; his colors book is currently in search of a publisher. He'll also no doubt be making his way into more food photos over the summer while the light is bright and the produce is perfect.

Jolly Ranchers & MouseGumdrops & MouseJellybeans II & MouseRose Petals & MouseBubble in the Grass & MouseBubble Blower & Mouse
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Challah & MouseBlue Cheese & MouseSplit Strawberry & MouseCaramels & MouseDots & MousePaw & Mouse

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