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Friday, June 24, 2011

Easy as ABC

I'm in the final stages of assembling props for my alphabet book.  Last night I prepared to enter a bunch more items into my props filing system (a cardboard box containing big plastic bags, one for each letter).  The pre-filing system involved a lot of piles all over my

My alphabet props filing system
study floor.  Just when I had pretty much the entire floor covered, I ran out of steam and left things where they were for the night.  It ultimately took me several hours to categorize all of the items and stow them appropriately.  I was also making clear, legible, organized lists of what things I still had to find as I went along.  I am about to type up a master copy of all the items on the list that I need to purchase and then it will be time to go treasure hunting at the toy stores!  At this point, the letters B,C, and S are pretty much ready to go.  I hope to start taking the photographs maybe even by the end of next week after I get done with a dog-sitting gig.  It's always exciting to make some progress on a long-planned project!

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