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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Golden, The Pyrenees & The Collie

I was rather startled to see exactly how few posts I've made this year. It seems like I've either been feeling under the weather (it was the wettest March on record and my body didn't like it) or busy. Some of that busyness has been directed toward bird photography (house finches nesting in Goldie's backyard prompted me to get moving on purchasing my birding lens), but the main reason I haven't had the energy to write more is that I have been doing a lot of dog-sitting. I've seen three clients in the last month and am currently in the midst of a long gig. Since I'm always pointing my camera at the dogs in my care and caring for dogs has been my primary preoccupation as of late, I thought I might as well share some of my dog shots.

First up: Goldie, the pretty and ever-genial Golden Retriever.

She likes going on walks...

...crunching up sticks...

...rolling on top of her toys...

....being silly....

....and spreading happiness.

I spent a day with the mischievous Cutie, who just celebrated her third birthday.

Here she is peering over my laptop at me, hoping to stir things up.

A long walk in the woods burned off lots of that playful energy!

Mr. Gorgeous' coat is in particularly fine form this time of year...

....though the back end of it is a little less sleek-looking than the front.

He really is quite the handsome beast!

Though, like most of us, he can look a trifle disheveled when he first wakes up.

He even had a moment of silliness the other day...

....but he mostly spends his hours posing regally or sleeping soundly.

The hardest thing about spending so much time taking care of other dogs is that I miss my own so much. I see her for a few hours almost every day when I'm gone, but we are both glad when I lug my duffle bag of clothes back through the door, the sure sign that I'll be sleeping at home again at last.

There will undoubtably be more bird photo posts to come and I really hope that I have the energy to do more writing soon! In the meantime, check out daily photo posts on my Facebook page!

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  1. The company of dogs all day and night, the perfect job! Too bad you can't bring your baby with you!