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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sayonara, Sweetheart

A beautiful soul.

Dog and girl.
There was one detail I left out in my previous post about looking after Cutie and Sweetheart: it was my last time taking care of that dear, sweet, wonderful German Shepherd.

Sweetheart has spread her wings and flown away. She's moved to Texas with her family and I will never see her again.

I'm really going to miss her.

Our relationship only lasted a year, from July of 2012 to July of 2013, but that was ample time for Sweetheart to steal my heart. She is abundant joy in a German Shepherd package, a dog who is eager to fall in love with everyone she meets, a spirit who remains suffused with light even as her body weakens, a dog who relishes playing with her toys, enthusiastically licking anyone and everyone, riding in the car, taking care of her family (and her dog-sitter), and telling all the world with her deep, booming bark that there is a German Shepherd on the other side of the door who can't wait to come barreling out to make a new friend.

Sweetheart is always cheerful

One of her favorite things is to play with as many toys at the same time as possible!

She is capable of a great deal of silliness!

She can do the "alert German Shepherd" thing, too...

...but she has nothing but love for the world.

She is always smiling...

...and has beautiful brown eyes.

I always felt honored when she looked at me with her eyes full of love.

Sweetheart is old now, though.

Eleven is an advanced age for a dog her size and she has been increasingly hampered by her arthritis and the withering of her back legs.

I don't know if she has much more time left in this world, but she's brought so much joy to her family...

...and to me, too.

As I was leaving that last time, Sweetheart saw me grab my camera bag and was immediately ready to go along with me. She knew good things happened when I had my car keys and my camera in hand and didn't want to miss out on anything fun! I had a lump in my throat as I drove away without her, knowing that she'd been ready to come with me. Sweetheart loved everyone, but I like to think I occupied a special space in her heart, just as she occupies a special place in mine.

I love you, sweetie. Treat her well, Texas!

*** I'm saddened to report that I received the news that Sweetheart passed away in the final days of 2013. The world has lost a bright and beautiful spirit; I feel honored to have known her. ***

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