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Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the Public Eye

I'm please to report that my presence of mind three weeks ago to grab my camera and dash out to take a few pictures of the emerging tulips in some quickly melting snow has paid off!

"Look, ma, I'm in the paper!"

I'd submitted the best of the tulip shots to the "Reader's Lens" feature in the Seattle Times several weeks before, but had thought that my window of opportunity for having it selected had passed. To my delight, however, when I opened up the Travel section on Sunday morning, there was my photo! It was a timely publication, too, because I was feeling quite miserable and discouraged that morning because of an acute and painful return of my gastroparesis. While the printing quality of the newspaper couldn't capture the crisp detail of the original shot, it was still fantastic to see it there in the newspaper. An extra bonus: the paper's staff photographer who critiques the submitted photos had no criticism to offer!

Here is a nicer, crisper, clearer version of the photo.

I wasn't responsible for the art in my other instance of public exposure over the past week, but I did provide the writing and the model!

I mentioned back in my post about drawing dogs that I love the work of the lovely lady behind Blockhead Craftwerks, so when she started a new project called "Gotcha!", composed of short essays by adopters about how our special pets came into our lives, accompanied by Blockhead Craftwerks illustrations of said special pets, I naturally submitted the story of how Abbey came into my life! It's one detailed in a past post about my dog, but I like repeating it because it demonstrates why I'm such a believer in the healing power of animals. You can read the full story in the Blockhead Craftwerks "A Dog a Day" blog or see all the stories on BC's Facebook page.

Abbey © 2013 Blockhead Craftwerks

Now, if only Dog Shaming would publish the image of Abbey I submitted... (I'm rather ashamed of myself for trying to publicly shame Abbey, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to take part in a viral internet phenomenon that has been known to make me laugh on days when I'm feeling down!)


  1. Beautiful photos! Congratulations on getting them published :)

  2. Congratulations from another NW Washington resident. I saw your post on the Etsy Blog team. Your tulip photo is absolutely gorgeous! I'm headed to your shop.

  3. Well done, great photo. I also saw your post on the Etsy blog team