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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Springtime Walk

I hadn't intended to take a walk today. I'd wanted to, what with the sun shining and the temperature nudging up toward 60 degrees, but I had migraines all day yesterday and was well aware that I had only a limited fund of energy to draw on today. I have hundreds of photos that need sorting and then backing up and I wanted to make that my priority for the day. However, I did need to drop an order in the mail and I took my camera with me to the mailbox because if you don't take your camera with you, you don't get to take pictures.

Well, once I was outside and taking photographs of flowers in the neighboring yards, it made sense, while I was out, to walk around the corner to photograph some blue hyacinths that I knew were in bloom because the temperature is supposed to get close to 70 this weekend and that will likely fry all of the currently blooming spring flowers, and once I'd photographed the hyacinths, I was already halfway around the block, so I might as well go all the way around and capture those early-blooming tulips... The following photos are the result of my impromptu spring walk around my neighborhood!

Flowering plum blossoms.

Grape hyacinths.



Vinca minor (periwinkle).




Poor disappointed Abbey, who did not get to go on this unplanned walk, eagerly greeted me on my return home.

"Why didn't you take me?"


  1. Beautiful photos! ( And I can relate to how a migraine wipes ya out!)

  2. I wish our flowers would come out......too cold. Photos are beautiful.