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Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Morning on the Lake

The view of the lake from Mr. Gorgeous' house is lovely in any weather, but the world I saw when I rose this morning was the most beautiful I've ever witnessed there.

The temperature had dropped below freezing overnight and thick frost covered the grass and trees. 

As the early morning sun touched the lake, fog began to rise off the water.

As the fog rose in the frigid air, it froze and fell again as tiny flakes of snow.

I fumbled for my camera--too late--to photograph a trumpeter swan winging through the mist.

It was a sight so exquisite that I kept vigil at the window for two hours, camera at the ready, should the swan see fit to fly by again.

A flock of crows rent the morning with their caws...

...goldeneyes took flight...

...mergansers tipped their crested heads below the water...

...and Canada geese came ashore to feed upon the frozen grass, but nary a swan passed through the morning mist. 

Rather abruptly at 11:00 the frost began to thaw, so I took my camera out into the chilly air to capture images of the ephemeral frozen world while they still lasted.


  1. nice photos. Love all of the macro shots.

  2. Love Hurricane Ridge with snow on it. Such a great area and great photos. Applause! You're a good photographer!