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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Front and Center

If you're a seller on Etsy, getting an item featured on the front page of the website is considered a real feather in your cap, though your chances are somewhat better than they used to be when front page treasuries were changed less often. How it works is that every hour or so, a new treasury is selected by the powers that be at Etsy to grace the front page. That means that anyone who goes to gets to see twelve of the sixteen items in the treasury and naturally that drives a lot of traffic toward the items displayed. I've had a great luck of being featured on the front page TWICE in the last couple of weeks!

This graph shows the number of times my listings were viewed each day.
Can you guess which days my items were on the front page?

20x30 Gray & White Capiz Shells
In the first instance, I didn't know my gray capiz shell photo had made it onto the front page until I was checking my shop stats at the end of June. That capiz shell photo had been popular all month: it was included in 20 different treasuries in June! But I noticed on June 27th there was a big spike in traffic to my shop and I also noticed that 194 of them had come from the Etsy home page. So I did a bit of sleuthing work and determined that a treasury from a few days before the 27th had made it onto the front page. My photo was in the fourth row, which usually isn't shown unless items in the first twelve slots are sold, so my image may not have been on the front page for the entire time the treasury was up there. Still, it was fun to realize that I had gotten some front page recognition!

8x10 Chess Pieces
Then, on July 9th, I went to check out how things were going in my shop, starting on the home page, as I usually do. It took a second to register, but there was my chess pieces photo in the treasury on the front page! I'd seen the treasury a few days before when it was first made and had liked it, but suddenly the fact that my photo was in the number one spot (the top left) mattered a lot! I was so pleased that I took a screen capture of the front page with my photo on it and I was rather giddy for the rest of the afternoon. It was quite fun to have seen it there on the front page myself, rather finding out about it later. Either because of being in the number one spot or simply the strength of the photo itself, 368 people clicked on it when it was on the front page. In the case of both photos, people who visited my front page photo then viewed about a hundred other listings or looked at my shop overall.

Being on the front page didn't end up creating any sales for me, but it was great free advertising! Five hundred and sixty-two people who may never have seen my work otherwise clicked on one of my photos and then many of them took a look at other items in my shop. While the chess pieces photo was up on the front page, five people added my shop to their favorites and 94 listings were added as favorites. That means my shop and my listings will always be in there in their "Favorites" section for them and other people to see! I haven't been investing much energy in my shop lately, so it was great to have this boost of attention at no expense--monetarily or in terms of energy--to myself!

Also, here are the listings I've put up since my last overview:

8x10 Flower with Raindrops

8x10 Pink Columbine Flowers

5x5 Rotary Dial Phone


  1. That is pretty cool :)

    It is always fun to be featured on the front page but I don't think I ever got that many views, Congrats :)

    Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

  2. Twice in two weeks? Holy cow that's awesome! Congrats!