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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Collie and the Sky

I spent the last four days hanging out with my good collie friend, Mr. Gorgeous. The weather wasn't great, so I was tired and it wasn't very fun to walk Mr. Gorgeous in the chilly rain, but Mr. Gorgeous' house, which is on a hillside above the lake, is a fabulous place to watch incoming weather systems. I didn't bother to bring my fancy camera with me because it was too gray and wet and nasty out on most of the days to take macro photos, but I did capture some nice sky photos with my point-and-shoot.

Weather in this area comes out of the southwest, which, in the case of
Mr. Gorgeous' house, means you watch the incoming weather first clear the towers
of downtown Seattle (just visible to the left) before heading across the lake.

Fair weather approaches.

A rainbow arched below the departing storms.

The low, wet, lingering edges of the storm caught the orange light of the setting sun.

The views from this park, just down the street from Mr. Gorgeous' house,
were quite dramatic that evening!

Another day brought mostly clear skies to Mr. Gorgeous' neighborhood.

A clear blue evening with a thin wintry sunset settles over this little bay.

The sky was clear in all directions except for to northwest and straight ahead, where this large,
dark, solitary cloud sent translucent curtains of rain tumbling down on the far shore of the lake.

Mr. Gorgeous, who had recently been groomed, was in fine form, of course. He spent most of his time napping somewhere in my vicinity and looking handsome.

Here he is taking advantage of a sun-break.

They say fine feathers don't make a fine bird, but they sure do make a pretty collie!

It'll take me a couple of days to recover from my exploits with the weather and Mr. Gorgeous, but there are more deep thoughts in the offing, so be prepared!


  1. Nice set! I particularly dig the first one in the set where the light looks like it's coming from the lamp. Mr. Gorgeous is also gorgeous.