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Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Time to Debut the Latest Listings!

I've put up a number of new listings in the last couple of weeks, though I'm still behind. I have seven listings currently saved in draft mode, waiting for the day when my mind will become agile enough to write the listing description. You see, I don't just give the title and dimensions and call the listing done; no, I have taken it upon myself to give each listing a paragraph's worth of copy and I enjoy doing it when my brain is up to the work. According to my stats, I don't get many visits from these blog posts, though I still think they're worth doing in order to alert people to what's going into my shop. However, if you want to enjoy the full c.creativity experience, take a moment to enjoy my listing descriptions as well.

I'd also like to mention again that you can get 20% off purchases in the macro shop between now and February 14th by using the coupon code 20OFFCARDS. I have some beautiful floral cards available that would be very nice for Valentine's Day or, of course, you can use the coupon code to save on something for yourself!

This pink and red card is made from a photo I took of a Valentine's Day 
arrangement I made for my mother back when I was working as a florist!