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Thursday, December 8, 2011

And a Few Listings More...

I haven't been messing around with my shop much since I had my anniversary sale last week and it seemed sort of unfair to add new photos right before my US Christmas order deadline (December 11th, in case you're wondering), but when my bulk order of Christmas cards arrived the other day, got a few new ones non-Christmas ones as well, and so one thing led to another...

This card sold within minutes of me posting it a couple of months ago, 
but I didn't have a new version of the card until now, so I just relisted it.

This card is gorgeous! I already have four hydrangea photos for sale in my shop, but I think I may have to add this one, too. The digital image does not do the beauty of those raindrops justice. It can be printed as large as 20x30! For now, though, you can get this smashing image on a card.

A certain intelligent lady spotted this image among my photos and requested it. I duly had it printed for her and was really impressed by how awesome it looked at 12x18, so now anyone can purchase it, not just special friends of mine!

Yeah, yeah, I know, I posted this and the following picture in my previous blog post, but this time you get the links to the photos in my shop.

I've been really pleased by the attention this photo has already been getting. It has acquired 10 admirers and has been in three treasuries in just four days!  I always like it when the general public likes what I like. This photo pretty much sums up why I love macro photography.

So, a handful of new or renewed things just before the holidays. I'm unlikely to add any more photos in the next week or so, but then again, you never know when you'll stumble upon something cool to photograph! I'll be gradually listing the other cards I got.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I sold 90 Christmas cards in five different designs this year? I'm really excited about that! Thanks again to all of those who purchased my cards and will be sending my images into households all over the country!

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