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Monday, November 21, 2011

Technology: You Gotta Love It!

The writer in position.
When you read this, it will look like any other blog post I've written. However, there is one very big difference. It just so happens that I am sitting some 10 feet away from my computer while I write this. How am I doing this? Well, I now have speech recognition software and a wireless headset that allows me to sit as far as 33 feet away from my computer screen. I hope that this new technology will enable me to write more, especially longer pieces that currently are too demanding on my eyes for me to undertake while sitting in front of the computer screen. I am finding as I write this that one of the biggest adjustments is remembering where I am in what I'm trying to say. So far the computer is doing a good job of recognizing what I'm trying to say, but it appears that it will take as much training on my part to adjust to using the technology. I suppose I may have to take notes before I start any long post as a way to help me keep track of where I am and what I'm saying. Still, I am hopeful that this tool would be very helpful to me and enable me to do more. This short post will just be a practice run, but I hope future posts will be dictated entirely from the comfort of the armchair in my study.

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