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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn in the Air

During this last week or so, the leaves have really started to change color. I've been inside unable to appreciate it since the latest round of rain and wind has worsened my migraines and joint pain, but riding in the car on the way to acupuncture, I was inspired by all the brilliant leaves to get out this afternoon with my camera. I only went as far as my yard today, but I still managed to capture some fun images of fall.

A toadstool topper
Rain collected on blue viburnum berries
Some great detail on a changing leaf
Some lovely little mushrooms 
A fabulous fungus
Golden leaves and maple keys all set to soar
I also have a new fall listing up for sale! I love the little gourds that appear this time of year with their fantastic stripes and lumps and warm fall hues. If you love them, too, check out this photo!

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