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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blasted Beads!

Today my intended blog post must be called off on account of beads.

I was hustling downstairs with an armload of things to photograph when I discovered that the bag containing the beads was not fully closed.

What followed was a not very fun game called Pick Up 500 Beads.  Even worse, when I had finished, I smacked my head against the corner of the handrail (not visible in this picture) as I stood up.  It was a while before I could even stand up straight.  I didn't exactly see stars, but I had to hold on to the walls for a minute.  Now, despite the application of an ice pack, I've got a big goose-egg and a headache to go with it.  Ouch!

Considering how much pain I had to go through to get these photographs, I figured I should at least show a few off.

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